2017 catalogue featuring work, context and writings (pdf, 5MB)

Choreographic practices

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Excavation Sites (pdf)
Personal Cosmologies (pdf)

Choreographic Core Works

Project folders of existing choreographic work

Chronological listing of works (pdf)

Einem (pdf)
Sediments of an Ordinary Mind (pdf)
Choreography for Blackboards (pdf)
Sense and Meaning (pdf)
Standing in Ink (pdf)
Parliament (pdf)
Jerusalem (pdf)

Additional Works

Project descriptions

Slattery’s Lamp (pdf)
Dancing Man (pdf)
Silent Witness (pdf)


Published and unpublished work

Dance as Political Refuge (2014) (pdf)
Sediments of an Ordinary Mind (2014) (pdf)
Propositions: To Dance Differently (2012) (pdf)
PhD; Choreography as an Aesthetics of Change (2009) (pdf)
Book of Recommendations (2008) (pdf)
What Do You Choreograph at the End of the World? (2007) (pdf)
Choreography: A Pattern Language (2007) (pdf)
Bibliography for lectures (pdf)


Interviews, lectures etc.

Radio documentary about the inner-workings of Parliament, Hydra, 9/2013 (link)
In depth discussion of work on NY’s Culturebot (link)
Interview: Silent Witness/A Dancing Man exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Arts (mp3)
Interview with dramaturge Steve Valk (mp3)
Lecture: Work retrospective 2003—2013 (HZT, Berlin) (mp4/500MB)

Scores and templates

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Im Fett (2004) (pdf)
Im Fett New York, Graceful (pdf)
Framemakers Matrix (2003) (pdf)


Websites and collaborators

Kliën's Facebook Page
Michael Kliën on Vimeo
R.I.C.E. on Hydra
Facebook Page R.I.C.E.
Institute of Social Choreography (Facebook)
Daghdha Dance Company Archive

Volkmar Klien
The Forsythe Company
Christina Gangos

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