(…) the obligation—the morality, if you wish—of all the arts today is to intensify, alter perceptual awareness and, hence, consciousness. Awareness and consciousness of what? Of the real material world. Of the things we see and hear and taste and touch. John Cage

Michael Kliën is a choreographer and artist whose work has been situated around the world. Considered as one of Europe’s most notable thinkers in the field of dance today, he has been commissioned by leading institutions such as Ballett Frankfurt, Martha Graham Dance Company, New Museum, Irish Museum of Modern Art and Hayward Gallery. As Artistic Director/CEO of Daghdha (2003-2011, Ireland) he developed a distinct movement aesthetic as well as influential concepts of politically engaged choreography, performance and dance. He received a PhD from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 and, as a committed teacher, has been lecturing about his findings at leading academic and non-academic institutions. After living in Greece for five years he became Associate Professor at Duke University (North Carolina) in 2017.